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"Our group has been using Golf Match™ for five or six years now. We are able to have so many different games and competitions each play day it's amazing.  No way you could do all this by comparing cards, etc.  Golf Match™ has made the calculations fast, easy and accurate. Until you use this program you don't realize how many errors are being made by trying to do things manually.  Our guys love the investment game, gross/net skins, round robins, indo bets with auto presses, 2 man best ball and combo bets etc.  We just did a round robin with 20 guys and I wouldn't even consider something like that without this program.  Great product-- easy to learn; easy to use."
Ken Koch
Commissioner of the Investment Group
Moon Valley Country Club
Phoenix, Arizona

"Converting "Old Dogs" isn't easy.  But comparing manual results with Golf Match™ results showed everyone how many mistakes we were making.  A lot.  That sold everyone.   And now, after years of using Golf Match™, I know our group won't play without it.  We have a laptop and printer that go with us everywhere.  ...Plus, Golf Match™ paid for everything --  computer, printer, software -- and lots of other stuff -- with the Deduction for Group Expenses feature.  It's a no brainer.  Everything is always RIGHT -- no mistakes and no fudging; golfers need that."
Jeff Lyman
Oakridge Country Club
Farmington, Utah

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•Golf Match™ automates the process of calculating golf bets when several golfers are participating in a variety of different golf bets. 
•Golf Match™ eliminates errors that result from "calling scores" or performing calculations by hand; --and the speed is unmatched.

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•Golf Match™ provides a myriad of “keep-‘em-coming” games for foursome vs foursome bets and/or threesome vs threesome bets.   … and Golf Match™ figures all results instantly.
•Golf Match™ computes gross/net/partial handicap skins bets, and shows exactly who wins what.
•Golf Match™ calculates individual golf bets – including automatic presses – accurately and instantaneously for multiple opponents at once.
•Golf Match™ figures round robin bets – when everybody is playing everybody else – individually or as two man best ball teams.
•Golf Match™ calculates best ball combo bets – all two-man best ball combinations for up to 4 players vs all two-man best ball combinations for up to 4 other players – (that’s 36 Nassau bets figured all at once) providing individual results for each player based upon individual performance, or for the team as a whole, and then divided equally between team members.  Each participant pays/collects one final amount, regardless of how many different partners (separate bets) he had.
…And that’s just the start.

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Golf Match™ is an MS Excel-based program that incorporates course-specific information (each hole's par/handicap number plus course and slope rating), along with each golfer's handicap and hole by hole scores to automatically calculate all results.
All you have to do is plug in the numbers
.  No more mistakes - innocent or possibly not. 

Golf Match™ gets it right! ...and right now.

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